The qualification within ICAML is envisioned to be as diverse as the various disciplines we want to connect. Many of our core qualification modules will be available in different formats: in extended formats for beginners or very concise (TL;DR) presentation.


Programming Languages and Frameworks for Data Science

This course provides an overview of common programming languages and frameworks for data science.

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Python for Machine Learning

This qualification line covers basic and advanced programming skills in Python starting from zero.

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Machine Learning Overview

This qualification line introduces you to most of the basic machine learning models and algorithms.

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Image Analysis

This qualification line guides you through basic to advanced topics on the way to machine learning for image analysis.

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3D Point Clouds

This qualification line introduces you to the needed basic handling of large 3D point clouds.

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Neural Style Transfer

This qualification line introduces you to the needed concepts of basic style transfer with neural networks.

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